Friday, 24 Dec 2021

Today is our last day at Legoland.

Breakfast before checking out

We had breakfast at Bricks Cafe and after that went back up to pack our things. The official check out is at 11AM but we requested an extension to 12PM.

Legoland did something interesting with their lifts. Everytime the lift (to go up to your room) starts moving, there will be some kind of disco music. It’s really cool. The kids love it!

Legoland hotel lobby

We let the kids played at the lobby area before continuing with packing and eventually checking out at 12PM.

Saying goodbye to Legoland Hotel

Since we had some time before our flight back to KL at 7PM, we decided to do some sight seeing around the area.

Putri Harbour

Our first stop was Putri Harbour. The place was deserted. There were molds building up on the shops and on the yachts. It was in a such sad state. I remember visiting Putri Harbour back in 2016-2017. It was thriving with business meetings and commerce. I guess a number of factors contributed to the current dilapited state.

Driving into Forest City

After Putri Harbour, we went for a drive to Forest City. Similar to Putri Harbour earlier, the place is almost deserted. The buildings were tall and dense and close to each other, with no human in sight.

Forest City Showroom

Except for the security guard, the showroom was deserted. I guess someone was there to turn on the lights. There is a small crowd at the free swimming pool at the back of the showroom, but apart from that, there was no one else. It kinda gives a Raccoon City vibes (from Resident Evil).

Lunch at Vivo, Paradigm Mall

We then went for a short visit to Paradigm Mall in city. It’s a new big mall with a skating rink. We had lunch at Vivo.

Back in KL

We arrived back in Kuala Lumpur later in the evening. It was a nice trip. I’ve heard many stories of Legoland (both positive and negative reviews) and it turned out much better than I expected. The kids definitely had lots of fun. I look forward to using my annual pass again within 1 year.

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