Tue 21 Dec 2021

It was reaching the end of the year period and we wanted to take the kids for a holiday. Given that it’s still the pandemic and travelling overseas is quite restricted, we decided to explore a local destination. After considering a few options, we decided on Legoland in Johor.

Firefly to JB
Firefly to JB

To give the girls an even better holiday experience, we booked a flight from Subang to Johor Bahru. It was a while since their last aeroplane experience, and I wanted them to be excited.

We took the flight from Subang Airport and arrive at 12PM. I rented the new Honda City from Hertz and it turned out to be a superb car. We drove to Mid Valley Southkey and had lunch at Kenny Rogers. We explored the mall to see what else is there. The developer of the mall is the same as Gardens in KL hence it has the same look and feel.

Since checking in to the hotel is much later, we decided to have coffee at Starbucks Reserve. I’ve started to develop a liking to the vanilla bean latte at Startbucks Reserve.

The drive from Mid Valley Southkey to Legoland took about 25 mins. Given the large scale of Johor, it seems most places take about 20-30 minutes from each other.

Legoland JB

As we arrived at Legoland, I dropped off the family at the lobby and turned around to park at the open air carpark.

The lobby of the hotel was very colourful and cheerful and it was designed to entertain kids. There was a mini Lego play area with a stage nearby for performances to be held at specific times.

We were given the Kingdom themed room, which is a family room that can fit up to 5 people. It was perfect for our small family. The kids get their own double-decker bed and a small play area. The hotel also had a puzzle for the kids to solve based on clues around the room. The reward is located inside a wooden safe. How exciting!

Dinner at Bricks Cafe

In the evening, we had dinner at Bricks cafe, on the ground floor of the hotel. They provided a wide range buffet that included a mixture of cuisines.

Wed 22 Dec 2021

Legoland Hotel swimming pool

The next morning, we woke up early and I took the kids for a quick swim. The swimming pool is relatively small (compared to the size of the hotel) and everyone had a 20 mins limit due to COVID SOPs. I let the kids had fun the water, and after that, we went down to Bricks Cafe for breakfast.

Legoland annual passes

After breakfast at Bricks Cafe, we made our way to Legoland. After doing some research and asking friends, everyone agreed that if you’re going to be there for 3 days, the Annual Pass is the way to go.

The prices were RM313 for adult, and RM259 for kids, a total of RM1,144 for a family of 4. Do take note this is the price for Malaysians (for foreign tourists it’s slightly higher). You check can check the latest prices at their website.

At the main lobby, we hired a stroller Sofia and it can get quite tiring. It’s quite thoughtful of Legoland to offer the stroller hire service.

Legoland Malaysia map

The resort map is shown at the main entrance, but they encourage you to download the digital version for quick reference as you move around the park.


We started off by exploring Miniland. This is the section where major cities are built using Lego. It was really cool.

From there, we went to Kingoms. There is a height requirement for the rides so only Sofia (6 years old) could play in some of the rides. Erina (3 years old) had an even limited selection for her.

Activities at Imagination

From Kingdoms, we headed to Imagination. It’s the north section of Legoland. Apart from the rides, there is also a kids playground where Sofia and Erina enjoyed running around. It was fully covered by a canopy so we were shielded from the heat.

Lunch at Imagination

After playing around in Imagination, we had lunch at the restaurant in the area. It was a nice place with selection of pasta and other friend food, the sort that kids like.


After lunch, we walked around Land of Adventure and visited NinjaGo. We took the kids on the ride (bottom, top right). It was an interactive ride where you use your hands to send of virtual laser beams to shoot the bad guys and score points. The kids absolutely love it.

Rides in Legoland

After that, we took the kids on rides in the Lost Kingdom Adventure train (above: top left) and after that in the Airport ride in Lego City (above: bottom right). Along the way, we got them ice cream. It was a hot sunny day so lots of snacks were needed to ensure the kids keep their good mood. Parents things. šŸ¤­

Met Noor and family at Legoland

Met my old friend Noor Azree and family in Lego City. He just arrived and came straight to the theme park. It was nice catching up with him and the rest of the family.

Legoland rollercoaster with Sofia

As we left Lego City, Sofia insisted that she wanted to try the rollercoaster. I never knew she was so interested in it. She bugged me for a few times until I agreed that I would accompany her on it. I’m not such a big fan of rollercoasters, especially the extreme ones. The one at Legoland seems to be quite okay.. I think. Haha.

As you can see in the photo above, I seem more terrified than Sofia. She thoroughly enjoyed it and wanted to go on it again!

Our last stop for the day was Sealife. Apparently it’s the latest addition to Legoland. It’s not that big (compared to other parts of the park, but it definitely had good collection of sea life.

Sealife at Legoland

I was told you can even reserve certain parts of the aquarium and have dinner (seafood) down there. How cool is that!

Dinner at JPO

In the evening, we went to JPO for dinner. We took some time to explore the mall, and later had dinner at Absolute Thai.

It was my first time at JPO. While it definitely had a lot of your typical outlet brands, I thought they didn’t have enough cafes.

For the next day, the plan is to visit Legoland’s water park.

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