Thursday 23 Dec 2021

On our 3rd day at Legoland, the plan was to spend the morning at Water Park, and if there was enough time in the afternoon, to check out the other rides at dry park.

Legoland Water Park

We had breakfast at Bricks Cafe, and after that, we headed to Water Park through the direct passage from the back of the hotel to the park.

Water Park locker

We went to the gift shop first to check out what they have. We were told by the staff during check in that every gift shop in Legoland has something unique based on their location. Good marketing strategy! We bought a few souvenirs. Since we completely forgot about water proofing our phones, I had to get the phone water-case. It was really expensive (RM120)! We then hired a locker and changed into our swimming attire.

Water Park kids attraction

It seems the waterpark is separated into 2 areas, the small kids friendly area, and the rides for bigger kids. Rides are based on height so only Sofia was able to go on most (not all) of them.

Lego bricks in water

The kids seem to have of fun playing with the big Lego blocks in water. The blocks are bigger and they float too.

Sofia on water rides

Sofia was able to try the bigger water rides as she met the height requirement for some of it. She definitely had a lot of fun there.

Drying booth

After we were done, we tried using the drying booth before going into the changing room. It’s a cool feature. I guess it would be really helpful to temporary dry off if you want to grab lunch or sit outside the pool for a while.

Lunch at The Cafe

From the water park, we headed back to the dry park. We then had lunch at The Cafe (this is the name) in The Beginning section of the park.

Legoland Kids Performance

After eating, there was a performance by the Lego characters. Sofia managed to get a seat in the middle of the crowd.

More rides at dry park

After that, we continued our tour to the dry park, covering the rides that we missed the day before.

Sofia still insisted on the roller coaster so I had to take her again for another ride. I did better this time. Haha. She really enjoyed her time on it. Quite an adrenaline junkie for a 6 year old.


Before we left the dry park, we went for Lego shopping at the main Legoshop in the park. The kids got their own mini carts, which was really cute, and they went around choosing a few items for themselves. There was definitely a lot more selection here compared to the average Lego shop at shopping malls.

Christmas performance at hotel lobby

In the evening, there was a Christmas performance at the lobby. It was an amazing show as the kids were very entertained. I was really impressed by how good the staff are at managing and entertaining kids.

After the Christmas show, we ordered room service and the girls spent the evening playing with their new Lego toys in the room.

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