Our team was under fire during today’s tute as Dave (our tute manager) was under the impression that our team has too little scope for a 7 people team. Apparently, they gave us 2 options:

  • it’s either we increase our project scope significantly
  • or 2 (or 3) people from our group would be allocated elsewhere (probably to another project)

Well, he accused us of slacking off due to our small scope. I can’t really understand why he has to be so upset about it given that I already told him the week before (in Week 4) that our project is an e-catalogue project (with no e-commerce functions). He didn’t say anything at that time.

Anyway, with the 2 choices given above, we went to the cafeteria at building S to discuss the additional functions that we’ll be giving to our scope.

We managed to come up with 7 new functions for Cellarbrate’s website, and we also proposed that we’ll be writing the CMS from scratch. That I hope would increase the work load significantly and hence we would be able to keep the team.