We had our meeting with David and Jake today. Apparently, after we presented the escalated specs for the system, it was refused by David and Jake. They said they still need to remove 2 members from our team and allocate them to another group. According to them, they are disapointed in us because we didn’t approach them for not mentioning ealier that our project has little scope. Well, he didn’t say anything to us when I told him in Week 4 what we were doing. I told him that we’re doing an e-catalogue and it will be backed by a CMS.

Furthermore, I am really upset with the attitude that they showed us. They keep saying that they can do the website in 1 week, and it would take them 2 weeks to complete the project. How can they compare themselves who has abundance of working experience to final year students like us?

They accused us as being lazy and slacking off. They didn’t even read our Progress Report and what we wrote in the Business Case. Another thing, we haven’t even finalise our functional specs as we need to cross-check it with our client. I can only start working properly when they have finalised what they want (probably by the next client meeting on 29/3/07).

I consider myself to be one of the craziest workaholics in the IT faculty. It all started when I was doing Java 2 in Sem 2 2005. Well, it might take a while for me to plan my development strategy (which was what I was doing for the past 2 weeks as I need to gather requirements from the client — and the client is still thinking on what they want and don’t want on the site), but once I start working, it will be an array of late nights at the lab till I get the system up and running.

In the escalated specs, we told them that we’ll be creating the CMS from scratch. They said that it would increase the work load significantly, but it wouldn’t justify the need of having 7 people in the project. They took away Kit (programmer) and Paul (public relations) from us. I’ve lost one of my best programmers, and now I’ll be the one writing the CMS from ground up. I know it’s a lot of work. But I’ll put in as many late nights as possible and make sure the system is up and functioning by Week 8. Yeah, you heard me right, Week 8.

I will make sure my Progress Report displays all my effort in the most obvious way possible.