I am extremely disappointed and frustrated with Monash’s ITS department. I have emailed them on Tuesday regarding after hours access, and on Wednesday I applied for access via their website, as I was warned by the guard that I would have to leave the lab on Thursday onwards if I still don’t have access then. The guard said this “Alright, no dramas for today. You can stay, but for tomorrow onwards, if you don’t have access, you’ll have to leave”. Still, on Friday, I haven’t receive my access. Are these people sleeping on their jobs or something? Don’t tell me it takes more than 3 days to actually verify me as a FIT3015 student?

Hence I emailed ITS asking them to expedite the process. Imagine the horror that struck me as I read their email, just a few minutes after waking up. I even had to wipe my glasses real hard to ensure that it’s not playing any tricks on me.

“K labs belong to faculty of Education. You will need to contact the Faculty for further assistance with this request.

There are other 24 hour access lab over Caufiled. You may try register with FIT for B labs access.”

Can you imagine the kind of bullshit they throw at you in the morning? K labs belong to the faculty of Education? Somebody better make sure the network admins are not drinking during office hours. Furthermore, why is it that these people cannot understand that the 24-hour labs at B building has none of the development software that me and my team need to do our IE project?

I notice that my friends that are doing the 1 year IE has been given access, but not us who are doing the single-sem IE (FIT3015). Now tell me, who has higher priority here? The people who has 1 year to complete their projects, or people like me who only have around 7 weeks left?

If my access is still not granted by Monday, I’ll be forwarding the mail that I sent (along with the ridiculous reply that I got) to the dean himself.