Sat 7 May 2022

We had breakfast at the hotel. We managed to find a big enough table to fit all of us.


After breakfast, we went to the swimming pool. To me, holidays feels incomplete if you don’t use the swimming pool every day.

Fun at the swimming pool

After having our fun at the swimming pool, we went out for some local sight seeing. First stop was the famous iklan bilis (English: anchovies) store.

Kedai Bilis Langkawi

After getting the ikan bilis, we went to Makam Mahsuri (Mahsuri’s Mausoleum). I went to the mausoleum a few years ago, but it will be Sofia and Erina’s first visit.

Makam Mahsuri
Traditional Malay house at Makam Mahsuri

They were excited to see the Malay musical performance and the traditional old houses. There were various types of traditional houses on display representing different types of occupants: villagers, village officials and the chieftain.

Gamat shop

From Makam Mahsuri, we went to a famous Gamat shop. Gamat is the Malay word for sea cucumber but in this context it refers to the Gamat oil product. The Gamat oil is a type of medicinal remedy derived from various types of sea cucumbers.

Duty Free shop

On our way to teatime, we stopped by one of the famous duty free shops. Langkawi is well known for its duty free shopping and Malaysians won’t passed up the chance to get household goods at a much cheaper price here.

Teatime at Bon Ton

Later in the afternoon, we meet up with the rest of the family for teatime at Bon Ton resort.

Bon Ton Resort

I’ve always liked Bon Ton for its traditional-rustic feel. There are a few similar type of resorts in Langkawi but Bon Ton is my favourite so far. It is also well known for nice looking cats roaming around the area.

Sun, 8 May 2022

In the morning, we had the usual breakfast at the hotel.

After breakfast, I took the kids for another round of swimming as we had a few hours before checking-out.

We checked-out at 12PM and made our way to the airport.

St Regis Lounge at Langkawi Airport

At the airport, we got access to the St Regis lounge. It was small but cozy enough that we could sit comfortably while waiting for our flight.

It was a nice family trip and Langkawi has always been one of my favourite local destinations. Looking forward to another trip here soon!

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