Fri, 6 May 2022
In the morning, we had breakfast at the hotel. It was a decent spread.

Breakfast at Westin

From the breakfast place, we went straight to the beach.

Beach fun with the kids

The kids wanted to play by the beach and build sand castles.

Sofia went kayaking!

Later, my brother in law Shah rented a kayak and took Sofia for a ride. Sofia was very thrilled with the ride!

Snacks by the pool

After the beach, we made our way to the swimming pool. We ordered snacks at the pool bar and enjoyed the amazing view.

Batik making for kids

The hotel has a daily schedule of kids activities at the recreation centre. We decided to give it a try. There was a batik making session this afternoon, and I thought it sounded perfect for the kids.

After the kids activity, we went out. We dropped by Starbucks at Langkawi Jetty and explored the shops at the terminal.


From the jetty, we took the kids to visit the famous Langkawi Helang icon. It was very hot and bright, good thing everyone had their hats on!

From the jetty area, we went for some light shopping, the usual Langkawi stuff. We visited a duty free shop and bought chocolates and kitchenware.

Teatime at Kayuputi

For teatime, my sister booked a table for us at Kayuputi, a restaurant at St Regis. Located on a jetty within the St Regis compound, it’s a unique restaurant with an amazing view.

Dinner at Fish Farm

For dinner, we went to Fish Farm. It is a highly rated tourist destination. While the place does seem quite touristy, the service was rather poor. It was understaffed, food delivery was slow, and the food was just average. Later the owner told us that the labour shortage (due to the previous Covid lockdown) was really affecting the business.

Live music

After dinner, we went back to the hotel and sat the lounge. There were live music and it was a lively environment.

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