1 September 2021

My second vaccine shot was scheduled 2 months after my first (blog here). The appointment was given merely days after my first shot via Malaysia’s MySejahtera app. For my international readers, the MySejahtera app is the Malaysian government’s one-stop app for all Covid-19 related matters (statistics, vaccine, contract tracing, etc). You may read up on the app on their official website.

Entrance to WTC Second Dose Appoitnment

My appointment was at 6:30PM but I was told these late evening appointments tend to be less people and fast. I took a Grab from TTDI and arrive at the World Trade Center (WTC) vaccine center around 6PM. There was a specific path for those taking second dose. The move between checkpoints was really smooth. From the moment I entered the vaccine center, to the point I got my second shot, it was merely 10 minutes. In fact, the longest period was the 15 minutes observation period after the vaccine shot.

At the observation area, an officer gave a quick explanation on where to check for the digital certificate in MySejahtera. This will be used to verify your vaccine when going into shops and shopping mall as per the government’s SOP (more here). I also noticed the vaccine officers sang happy birthday to attendees whose birthday is today (which is shown on MySejahtera). Haha. That was really nice of them (assuming the birthday person doesn’t mind it). 😄

After I left the observation area, I went to the customary photo booth. This time, it says “completed 2 dose”. Brilliant. I will have to wait 14 days after my second dose before I can enter specific shops or dine-in.

Covid Case 2 Sep 2021
Covid Case 2 Sep 2021

I am not complaining about these strict SOPs given that the current daily infections is hovering around 20,000 (photo above). Looking forward to go out after 14 days!