Wed, 30 June 2021

Today it was my turn to get my COVID-19 Vaccine. I registered for the AstraZeneca vaccine a while back and was allocated the slot today at World Trade Center (WTC) KL. I’ve heard many stories from family and friends on the process, and on the side effects, so I was kinda prepared on what will happen.

Turns out, what I wasn’t prepared for, was how smooth the whole experience was.

My appointment was at 6:30PM. I took a Grab from home (save the trouble of finding parking) and arrived straight at PPV WTC KL. (PPV = Pusat Pemberian Vaksin, which is Malay for Vaccination Center).


The place wasn’t crowded and the whole process of moving between checkpoints was very smooth. I’m guessing it’s because it’s quite late in the day. Nevertheless, I was very impressed with how smooth the whole process was.

Prior to getting the jab, we were briefed by a doctor. The doctor was friendly and did their his best to allay any fears that people have on the vaccine. Actually, when I think about it, almost all of the staff at the PPV were professional and friendly.

The jab

The actual jab happened really fast. The doctor showed the vaccine vial, and the actual measurement in the syringe, before jabbing it into my arm. Like any other jab, there is a slight pain. That aside, I love how the entire PPV is social media friendly. You can take any photo or videos anywhere (without bothering the staff).

The queue for the social media friendly photo op

There was a short queue to take a photo at the official photo box. Given that almost everyone came alone, we had to rely on the person behind us to snap the photo. It’s nice to see everyone taking turns to help out.

The mandatory photo

All in all, it was a very pleasant experience. I was very impressed with the whole vaccine program machinery. It was smooth and efficient. They really did good work here.

As for the side effects, as expected, I was feeling all sorts of body pain for the next 2 days. Had to take a few panadols for it go away. Nothing too serious though. Next jab is scheduled after 2 months. Looking forward to it 🙂