We went to meet our client for the first time today. Their office was situated in the industrial side of Braeside. Carl explained to us about Cellarbrate with more detail, including how they do it and where they are in the market. Apparently they are the leaders in the wine packaging industry and they are really proud of it.

Our task, as for now, is to design a website that would act as an e-catalogue for their products. They are still undecided on whether to have the shopping cart functionality built into the website as they do not want end-customers to be able to purchase from them. They informed us that they only do business with retailers and businesses, and if an end-customer is interested with their product, they would recommend them the nearest outlet.

But if you ask me, I would prefer if they want us to incorporate the shopping cart function, as it is more challenging and it would require the development team to do additional research and learn new technology at a faster rate. This is my final semester in university, and I need to maximise my learning experience. It would be even better if they require us to create an ERP to manage their inventory, keep track of their orders, and have a web portal to market their products and manage their system from anywhere in the world.

Yes, all that sounds difficult and overwhelming, but our team is blessed with 7 members and 3 of them are very competent programmers. It would be a waste if all that talent is not being put to good use.