I had the Watch 4 Classic from September 2021 to October 2022.

Samsung Watch 4 Classic

Prior to that I was using the Fitbit Charge 4 which you can find the review here.

I ordered the Watch 4 as part of the “pre order” deal for RM1399 which comes with a hybrid leather band and wireless charger for free.

I am aware that there have been numerous reviews of the Watch 4 on the internet. I will just give a short review here based on my own opinions and usage.


  1. Samsung Eco System. Given that both the watch and my phone are Samsung, it seems the integration is seamless. The Samsung Health app took some getting used to (as I was using Fitbit before that).
  2. I like the rotating bezel. It gives the watch a premium feel and ease of navigation.
  3. I also like the numerous watch faces provided by Samsung and third party developers. It makes the watch feel “new” every now and then, or suited to the occasion you’re at.
  4. Changeable watch strap. I ordered a few leader and plastic straps of different colour. It feels nice to be able to swap them according to what you’re doing (e.g. sports, at work, or special occasion).


  1. Based on my own workout routines, I immediately noticed the Watch 4 doesn’t have a profile to measure HIIT and floors climbed. Ever since the COVID lockdown, I created a new workout routine by climbing the stairs from first floor to 30th . The Fitbit was able to track it automatically, however, I couldn’t find a similar workout in the Watch 4 (that automatically tracks your climb).
  2. The other thing that bothered me was the battery life. The Charge 4 can last a minimum of 5 days on a single charge, while the Watch 4 needs to be charged almost every 1.5 days. I had to adjust my charging habit so that it doesn’t die mid day (e.g. charging while sitting at my desk at work or while I shower).

My next smartwatch is the Samsung Watch 5 Pro. I’ll write a review after about 1 year, or, up to the point I feel like getting a newer watch.