Time really flies and now I’m at the end of Week 5 of Semester 1. I’ll give you guys a quick review of what happened this month.

Julian Hodge Building
Julian Hodge Building
Julian Hodge lecture theater
Julian Hodge lecture theater

All our lectures are done in the Julian Hodge Building (photo above). It’s a dedicated building for the Business School with all the state-of-the-art facilities for students.

During our orientation week (the week before week 1), we had an election to select our MBA Representatives. Since our cohort is around 220, we  needed to select 11 representatives. Me, along with another 35 students, nominated our names for the election.We had a submit a photo along with a write up about ourselves for the voters.

The elections were done online, and since it was during orientation week, where we still haven’t met most of the class, campaigning was a challenge. Some of the nominees tried reaching out out using Facebook, which in the end turned out to be the most successful method of gaining exposure.

At the beginning of Week 1, the results of the MBA Representatives election were announced. I was glad to hear I was elected. Below are the results:

MBA Reps 1
MBA Reps 1
MBA Reps 2
MBA Reps 2

In terms of nationalities, the representatives are well balanced. We have:

  • 1 American
  • 1 British
  • 1 German
  • 1 Russian
  • 1 Palestinian
  • 2 Indian
  • 3 Chinese
  • 1 Malaysian (me!)

We had meetings with the MBA Engagement Coordinator every week starting week 1. Our responsibilities includes attending to students issues, disseminating information from the business school, and providing feedback to management.There were not many issues during the first few weeks as most of the students were still easing themselves into uni life.

As promised by our Course Coordinator, the first few weeks went on really fast. By the time we knew it we were swamped with reading lists, tutorial work, and a major assignment coming up in week 6.


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