We went for our third client meeting today. We had a brief meeting in Caulfield before going to the client’s office.
We arrived in Braeside at 2:30pm. The group members that participated in this week’s meeting was me, Elbert and Steven. We discussed about the new functionality that we proposed over email, and Carl (our client) said he’s totally okay with. However, he confirmed with us some of the following specifications:

  • A user cannot register on the site, instead, Cellarbrate would register on behalf of them (this is to ensure that they are valid retailers).
  • They would provide us with list of retailers for the search function.
  • Registered users would be able to submit an order, and it would be managed via the CMS.

Well, those were among the functions that we discussed. Apart from that, we talked a lot about the design of the front page, which is their main concern.

I even manage to snap a photo in front of their office.