24 July 2003

Finally, the day came that I would be flying out from Malaysia to Melbourne to further my undergraduate studies.

24 July 2003 Birthday at home

Given that it’s my birthday the next day (25th July), the family arranged for a small celebration at home. Some of my aunties and other relatives came to see me too.

Nik Shazni at KLIA with me

At the airport, my friend Nik Shazni came to see me off. It was nice of him to make the drive all the way to KLIA.

Aiman and Sya at KLIA

I remembered my sister Syahirah was very excited about the whole thing. She made a big card for me earlier during my birthday celebration. My brother Aiman took videos of us the whole day.

Family photo before I departed

As for myself, I wasn’t too nervous as I had a recent trip to Melbourne some 2 years previously. I was actually quite excited to go there and start the new phase of my life.

Note: This is a back-dated post for posterity.